Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Shopping, and learning

It's inevitable that I'm going to make some mistakes in my reading choices as I slowly find my feet within the genre. The Iron Wyrm Affair was #1, and I'm genuinely in two minds as to whether or not Unnatural History was #2. I finished it tonight and it was a bit of a mixed bag to be honest. Review to follow tomorrow, evil work schedule permitting.

I'm pretty sure my newest book purchases are going to be an improvement. I've got Reeve's Mortal Engines, Hunt's The Court of The Air and Gibson's The Difference Engine. No Gas Light Romances there, Huzzah!

The back end of this month is a bit mad for me, as I'm fighting to complete the NanoWriMo challenge, but rest assured that come December I'll be putting my feet up and recovering by reading like a woman possessed. So while things will most likely be quiet for a couple of weeks, all hell will soon break loose on the review front :)

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