Saturday, December 1, 2012

Land of Hope and Glory

This morning's gleeful library find;

It is 1852 and the Indian empire of Rajthana has ruled Europe for more than 100 years. With their vast armies, steam-and-sorcery technology, and mastery of the mysterious power of sattva, the Rajthanans appear invincible—but a bloody rebellion has broken out in a remote corner of the empire, in a poor and backward region known as England. 

At first Jack Casey, retired soldier, wants nothing to do with the uprising, but then he learns his daughter, Elizabeth, is due to be hanged for helping the rebels. The Rajthanans offer to spare her, but only if Jack hunts down and captures his best friend and former army comrade, who is now a rebel leader. Jack is torn between saving his daughter and protecting his friend, and he struggles just to stay alive as the rebellion pushes England into all-out war.

Looks fun! I'll probably make this my next read after The Difference Engine. And now that NanoWriMo is finished I will actually have some time to spend on these, hurrah!

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  1. Hope you enjoy it! This one was a slow burner for me, but once it gets into the thick of it it's a good read :)